Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fahami Wanita

Pelik tapi Benarkah?

Skrg nie boleh dikatekan musim durian kan. Kat mane2 pon ade durian. Aku nie mmg kaki durian. Hahahhaha. Br td dok tgh selak2 website, jumpe artikel nie. Tajuk dia "5 Lethal Asian Foods" Just nk share pasal durian. Klu nk tgk artikel penuh...klik kat link pling bawah ekkkk......
Would you dare to have a bite of some of these lethal specialties? Different cultures have different customs. Therefore they have different tastes when it comes to food preparation. But some Asian cooksare really courageous, or better say the people that eat are the brave ones. If you go to one of the countries where they prepare these kinds of lethal foods, maybe you should get acquainted with them before ordering. Your own skin is at stake here, pay attention.

1. Durian

Duran is known throughout Asia as the king of fruit because of it size and weight. It can weigh up to 3 kilograms and be 30 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide. However, Duran has a specific odor that has been compared to one of gym socks, strong cheese, rotten onion etc. You will either love it or be disgusted. Therefore in Asia it has been forbidden for passengers to carry this fruit with them into the public transport. Its looks may deceive you, because it has been proven that consuming alcohol while or after eating this fruit can be deadly. It makes alcohol processing almost impossible for the liver.

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